Content Rights

Homedia has VOD distribution partnerships with more than 30 content right owners including the big 6 Hollywood studios, including TVOD, SVOD and DTO distribution rights for movies and TV series.


We provide complete VOD marketing solutions for both online and offline, including recommandation engine, content push, newsletters, POS animation, contest,...


We provide end to end VOD solutions from streaming to portal development. Our experience in multi-screen OTT environment makes us the best choice to launch VOD in record time.

B2B models

Whether you are looking for content, for a VOD platform or for a complete end-to-end VOD solution, Homedia can adapt to your needs from content aggregation to a white label service operation.

Our brand: HollyStar

Homedia SA is operating in Switzerland under the brand HollyStar. Millions of consumers are watching HollyStar VOD services across Web, Mobile, Smart TV and partners' set-top boxes, with over 10'000 titles from the latest Hollywood movies to the best TV series.


The company

Homedia SA was founded in 2003 by Renzo del Mastro and Sébastien d'Amico, two serial entrepreneurs and founding partners of Omnicom SA, the leading direct marketing company in Switzerland. Homedia had a first capital increase in 2012 with new private investors to ensure its leading position on the VOD market in Switzerland and in Europe.